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This page lists action figures that are representations of women and girls and people of color (male and female).

What Is on This Page :
The list shows action figures that I have encountered mainly through searching the Internet. I haven't even seen, much less played with, all of them. When I know them first-hand I put comments in the Notes. Some of the figures may be inappropriate for kids. I make the call most of the time only by seeing a photo or by checking toy manufactures' web sites.

I hope this list, though incomplete, helps you find the best toys ever for the kids in your life. And good luck finding others that I have never heard of!

My Criteria for Inclusion :
I made this list to help others find toys that reflect values of race and gender equality. To help me decide whether to include one or not, I ask myself, “Is this figure powerful and fun?” Some of the female figures are downright racy. I have decided that exuding some serious sexuality does not disqualify a figure in and of itself. However, if I can see no redeeming value, I don't bother to list it. (Thus the "non-exhaustive" note above.)

Where to Get Action Figures Like These :
Ebay. Internet toy store closeouts. Craigslist. If you have time to wait for a good price, you can get most of these figures for between $3 and $10. One fairly inexpensive eBay vendor I like is iXiAn Toys, because most of the figures they sell are loose (i.e., not in packages), and missing accessories, which for the most part I find only restrict what kids can think of to do with toys.

For Further Study :
Just kidding; but if you want to read more about my personal take and philosophy about action figures, click here, or click “the rationale” in the menu at the side of any page.

Best of Luck!